The Joule Caffeine Bracelet Provides Convenient, Consistent, All-Day Energy with No Crashes, No Long Lines at the Coffee Shop, No Stained Teeth and No Calories!


Joule: Wear your Caffeine

Let's face it, the main reason most of us wait in long lines, put up with stained teeth and bad breath, keep adding to the old spare tire and take in obscene amounts of sugar is to get that wonderful caffeine boost.

Whether it's a coffee first thing in the morning, or an energy drink before an all-night study session, caffeine is what we want and damn the consequences! When you think about it…how many issues in your life can be traced to having low energy, no energy, mood swings or general lack of alertness? We all want to cram a lot into a narrow window of time, but when energy levels suffer, so does your performance. 

Now….imagine if you could get all the positives of your coffee or energy drink with none of the negatives, and actually pay "less" than you do now. Would you be interested?

Well, No Sh*t Sherlock!

It's time to modify the way you deliver caffeine into your bloodstream and discover the Joule Caffeine Bracelet!

That's a fair question, and here's the simple answer. The Joule caffeine bracelet is a bracelet with a slot for you to snap on a transdermal caffeine patch. These patches work in a similar fashion to a nicotine patch or other transdermal medication patches. The caffeine is administered gradually for a steady supply of caffeine and energy without any of the typical energy crashes, jitters or other negative effects of consuming your caffeine through beverages.

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to drop some science:

Transdermal administration of chemicals, of any type, provides a controlled release through the user's skin as their body heat melts away the thin layers of formulation embedded in the adhesive patch. The main disadvantage to transdermal delivery systems stems from the fact that the skin is a very effective barrier; as a result, only chemicals whose molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin can be delivered by this method. 

LUCKY FOR YOU, caffeine, being a catechin that is both fat soluble and relatively small is able to sneak through the skin quite efficiently. This permits the caffeine access to the circulatory system where it can then start to work it's magic. 

This Transdermal process is more effective on regions on the body that don't have much fatty tissue blocking the way to the blood stream. This is why Joule targets the bottom of the wrist, where very few people have developed love handles. At Joule, we trust our formulations and product development to MDs and Ph.Ds so can rest assured sound science is a part of everything we do.

Caffeine is a crystalline compound found in plants like tea and coffee. It is also present in many soft drinks, most energy drinks, chocolate, cocoa and a wide range of prescription and non-prescription medications. Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system, which is why you get that much-needed energy boost and the subsequent crash or letdown when it is consumed.

It's no secret that for many people, the process of brewing that morning pot of coffee or visiting the local coffee shop is an enjoyable part of life. Rituals and routines are important for all of us, and you may not want to change your routine, whether the caffeine delivery is more efficient or not.

Luckily, you can use the Joule Caffeine Bracelet to complement your coffee or energy drink intake, so you have balanced energy during those times you aren't able to get your hands on your favorite drink. Joule can also be used as a substitute if you've decided (or been ordered) to cut back on the caffeinated beverages for various health reasons.

Obviously, the ridiculous sales figures for coffee and energy drinks tell us that these are the preferred methods of delivering that extra energy into our bloodstreams. Unfortunately, there are negatives that go along with downing copious amounts of coffee or guzzling mega cans full of energy drinks. These include:

The secret to the Joule Caffeine Bracelet that sets it apart from traditional methods of caffeine delivery is all in the patch. Because the patches provide transdermal caffeine delivery, you get an even supply of caffeine and every side effect and negative listed above can be avoided. The bracelet is simple to use. And each dose of caffeine lasts for roughly 4 hours. All you have to do is snap in another patch to keep the energy supply rolling.

With your Joule Caffeine Bracelet fastened firmly in place and the caffeinated beverages a thing of the past, you'll notice a wide range of benefits that can impact virtually every aspect of your life. 

As you might imagine, we feel that the Joule Caffeine Bracelet is perfect for anyone who relies on coffee or energy drinks to supply energy for alertness and getting things accomplished. However, in the interest of being specific, here's a list of people that would benefit most from including Joule in their lives:


Q: Why is the bracelet called Joule?

A: A joule is an unit of energy. Our bracelet's are designed to GIVE you energy and thus we thought "Joule" would be a perfect name. Plus it sounds cool :p

Q: How soon does the caffeine get absorbed and start working?

A: The caffeine begins getting absorbed very quickly, faster than with oral administration because it doesn't have to go through the digestive process.

Q: How much caffeine is delivered with the patches?

A: Our "original" formulation will have roughly 65mg which has roughly the same amount of caffeine as a medium cup of coffee.

Q: Can I overdose using the Joule bracelet?

A: It is possible to overdose with ANY method of caffeine consumption and thus you should use Joule responsibly!

Q: Is the Joule bracelet safe?

A: The Joule bracelet is an extremely safe way to get your caffeine fix. Because administers slowly and surely, it is actually less likely to give you adverse symptoms than oral alternatives.

Q: Have there been safety studies performed on the bracelet?

A: The bracelet's active patch has a similar formulation to a plethora of other transdermal caffeine patches that are have been tested safely. We will perform tests of our own but there is no reason to believe the results will come up with anything negative.

Q: Is Joule "macho" enough for the fellas?

A: Joule is super macho! Didn't you see how it helped our announcer take down Darth in an arm wrestle!? It also comes in masculine colors like black and comes in a watch from. Every macho fella has to have a cool watch.

Q: Is it possible to vary the dose of caffeine?

A: We will eventually have many more formulations with stronger and weaker doses of caffeine. However, for the time being, you can simply remove the patch when you feel you have enough of a caffeine fix for one usage.

Q: Is the Joule bracelet durable?

A: Made from a silicon material, Joule is very durable.

Q: Will the patches stain my skin?

A: No! the patches will not leave any stains on your skin.

Q: Where are the caffeine patches made?

A: We have a Chinese manufacturing partner that is making our first batch of Joule patches. They have already manufactured several transdermal patches of different kinds.

Q: How many caffeine patches come in a delivery?

A: As many as you order! We ship in packs of 30 so you can enjoy Joule everyday for a full month. That being said, some people need more! We deliver in envelops as opposed to parcels because of Joule's small size so you don't have to worry about missing the delivery and having to go pick it. We'll just pop it into your mailbox!